10 Free Hotel Marketing Ideas You Can Start Doing Today

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In the 21st century, marketing is more complicated than ever. Not only are there many more variables to factor in that were previously unavailable, there is now a multitude of new ways to market and advertise effectively. This abundance of possibility is often a great thing, but sometimes it can leave companies confused as to where they should begin when revising their marketing strategies.

Many hotels who decide that it's time for a change think that you have to invest in hiring somebody specifically for innovating marketing technique to tell you what to do, but what if we told you a majority of the best ideas you can use are free?

To help you with your decision-making process, we've compiled a list of our Top 10 Free Hotel Marketing Ideas You Can Start Doing Today:

Credit:  Ace Hotels  do everything right when it comes to providing an exceptional online and offline experience.

Credit: Ace Hotels do everything right when it comes to providing an exceptional online and offline experience.

1. Go Online With a Proper Website

Chances are, you already have a website for your business. However, the standards that were once cutting edge in 2001 are certainly behind the times now, so we recommend that you invest in creating a new website if you want to make sure you stay at the front of your field.

Credit: Tourism Australia and Virgin Airlines  “Someday” website

Credit: Tourism Australia and Virgin Airlines “Someday” website

2. Create a Social Media Presence

Though it may seem intimidating, it's actually not that difficult to create an effective social media presence for your hotel. In fact, it's incredibly beneficial to businesses, even helping those that utilize it to connect with their customers more and draw more business to their hotel.

3. Develop a simple SEO Strategy

For those who are unfamiliar with what SEO means, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically, there are a handful of tools you can use to make sure that your website is at the top of lists on Google when consumers do their research. This is a wonderful way for you to stay in the thoughts of visitors, as it's frequently reported that the hotels who are most effective with SEO coverage often get more customers. If you can get your hotel on the top of a search engine's page, you're on your way to getting incredible amounts of business. If you want specific tips on how to improve your SEO strategy, we recommend this guide.

4. Start a Content Marketing Plan for Your Hotel

Businesses that know what makes them unique typically have an advantage over those who don't. Knowing your strengths allows you to market your hotel around something specific, keeping your marketing strategy focused and subsequently effective. Starting a marketing plan in this way can be a way for your hotel to reach out to the people who will truly appreciate it, whether you begin market through podcasts or magazines. Get creative!

5. Keep Your Eyes on Online Reviews

One of the best ways to stay in touch with your customers is to read the online reviews that are left on services such as Yelp and TripAdvisor. Through this, you can see exactly what the consumers want to see and adjust your business in real time. Praise also goes a long way on these platforms, allowing you to boost your overall reputation when you provide good service.

6. Join Online Reviewing Sites

A way that you can connect even more with the customers leaving online reviews is to join them yourself by utilizing a business account on sites like Yelp. These allow you to give your business a voice, letting you communicate directly with customers and respond to their comments on the site. Many consumers are reported to enjoy this method of communication, citing its transparency as a true benefit.

7. Create Press Releases for Specific Events

Hosting events at your hotel is a great way to bring publicity without having to do much effort on your own. To boost the likelihood of successful events, you can also create your own press releases, therefore drawing people who might not be interested in your hotel, but are locals interested in going to certain events. Through this you can invite more people inward and subsequently make a larger consumer base.

8. Include Video in Your Marketing Plan

No matter which method you choose for your marketing strategy, it's important to include some aspect of video. This is because video does not have to be expensive to produce—in fact, many people have a great camera built into their Smartphone!

No Vacancy Agency created this hero video for Kuma Lodge, Japan. The video was also cut down into bite-size 10 and 15 sec clips to share on their social channels.

9. Use Local Tourist Offices

Promoting your hotel through local tourist offices can be ways to increase the chances of getting customers who might not know the area well.

10. Find a Niche You Can Cater To

A large part of making your business stand out is finding something that you can specifically promote. Think about it—what is something you can do that your competition can't?

Need a little extra help with your design, branding or marketing? No Vacancy Agency can help with all your marketing needs (big or small).