A hotelier's guide to clever ideas

A hotelier's guide to clever ideas



• Three easy to follow creative phases
• Ten Chapters (287 pages) packed full of advice from over 50 global experts
• Learn to define your guest target market correctly
• How to EFFECTIVELY use your hotel brand
• Create a kick-ass plan to attract your guests
• Develop the ultimate online reputation
• Stand out and be found more easily
• A practical step-by-step guide to marketing and ‘creative’
• Digital tools you must know about
• Things you must stop doing immediately
• Case studies, step-by-step advice and much, much more...

NOTE: You'll receive the book in a ZIP file containing a PDF and EPUB fixed format versions.

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Before looking at methods to increase your overnight bookings with smart branding and a great marketing plan, we need to define who your perfect guest audience are. Defining your target audience sounds straightforward, but it’s amazing how many people get this so fundamentally wrong.

• Define your audience and learn how to talk to them
• Think and deliver globally
• Methods and tools to attract and retain potential guests
• And much, much more....


No Vacancy Guide is an essential tool for all hotels and accommodation providers - well done!

The team at No Vacancy Guide are so confident this book will help you increase your accommodation bookings, that we are offering a 60 day, 100% money-back guarantee if you don't agree. Simply let us know why it didn't work for you and we'll refund you for the full price, no more questions asked.