SOCIAL MEDIA: Turn your ‘likes’ into bookings

1 min read

It’s all very nice to get 10,000 people liking the photo of last night’s sunset cocktail hour you posted, but you’re in the business of getting bookings, not landscape photography offers. Yes, a big part of social media’s job is to build an authentic brand story and grow your audience of potential guests. However, sometimes you might want to use your social channels to increase your bookings.


Here's 6 things you can try right away.

  1. Include a promo code in an offer-led post. This will encourage an immediate booking, allow you to establish an ROI, track where bookings are coming from, and which creative messages are the most effective.

  2. Make sure your call-to-action (i.e. ‘Book Now’) is extremely clear. Make sure the path guests are required to take to make a booking is simple and effortless.

  3. Post engaging video content with a ‘Book Now’ call-to- action at the end.

  4. Include links to relevant blog articles or information on your website.

  5. Offer exclusive deals only available to your audience once they’ve liked or commented in the post.

  6. For some offers consider changing your profile or header image to reflect the offer while the campaign is running.