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Secret Sumatra is a hidden beach retreat, deep in the tropical jungle and seven hours from the closest airport on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The oceanfront bungalows and serene surroundings add to the appeal, but it’s their obsession for quality and dedication to the traveller’s experience that attracts surfers around the world to its shores.


Every Secret Sumatra trip is a carefully crafted 10-day experience and with over 18 surfing spots to choose from, Dean Fergus, owner of Secret Sumatra, has a personal mission to make every wave count.

We’re always readjusting and tailoring our group activities to help the team find the best waves. It’s a custom-made, choose-your-own-adventure approach to the itinerary.
— DEAN FERGUS, Owner, Secret Sumatra

Secret Sumatra accommodates up to 12 people at a time and over the years, Dean has entertained groups from bucks parties to 40th birthday celebrations. Each itinerary is customised to ensure visitors experience the best waves the island has to offer.

“Our main point of difference is our passion. We love scoring the best waves so that comes across in our guest experience because we want them to score the best waves too,” says Dean.  


Last year was the twelfth Secret Sumatra season, and they were fully booked for the year. For the Secret Sumatra team, delivering an exceptional experience is organic and birthed from a passion for surfing and local knowledge. And, it’s payed off in more ways than one.

People return on our trips because they feel connected to each other and to this place.
— DEAN FERGUS, Owner, Secret Sumatra

“People return on our trips because they feel connected to each other and to this place. One of the guys from a trip last year, came back recently and gave me a hug like a long-lost friend. That's kind of what happens here,” explains Dean.

Secret Sumatra welcomed its first guests in 2006, and thinking back, Dean remembers their energy and enthusiasm. The bathroom tiles were still being laid as the first batch of guests arrived, but despite the initial hurdles, Secret Sumatra trips have been filling out rapidly for each holiday season since.


“We saw more success than we ever expected. It started off with a small first trip that went well – everyone enjoyed the waves. I don't know whether you would call it luck or part of the experience we offered, but nearly everyone on that trip returned the following year.”

Surfers typically hear of Secret Sumatra through word-of-mouth referrals, testament to the team’s commitment to creating exceptional experiences. Unsurprisingly, it was Dean’s personal journey to Sumatra that continues to fuel his dedication to the guest experience.

As a former world bodyboarding pro, Dean began travelling around the world, shooting photos, and doubling as a DJ by night. It appeared as though he was at the peak of his career when he reached the dreaded burn out – Dean packed his bag and booked a one-way ticket to Indonesia.


“The peak here was the first wave in Indonesia I fell in love with. I was a pro bodyboarder at the time so I was mostly concerned about chasing bigger and better waves. It was taking the fun out of it. But when I came here, I was having fun again and it was a nice transition. That’s where the idea was born,” he recalls.

Dean doesn’t have to look far to remember the early days of the Secret Sumatra journey. He had always dreamed of a beachfront bar and infinity pool; the dream is now a reality. What began as a bus trip into a local Sumatran village, has transformed into a dream surfing destination.


“When you wake up, the wave is right out the front and if you paddle hard enough, you’ll be in the tunnel of the peak within a minute. With the right wind and swell, it’s a perfect hollow and a fun peak – it’s the dream wave.”  

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