Building a luxury hotel experience around a concept

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Samabe Bali Suites & Villas in Nusa Dua is one of my favourite places to stay in Bali. They pride themselves on their unique location away from the hustle and bustle of the more typical tourist areas. General manager, Ralf Luthe, explained to me the view sets them apart from other local competition.

Watch this short interview with Ralf Ruthe, General Manager of Samabe Bali

He told me, “The Samabe has a unique location compared to other similar priced suites and villas. It sits right on top of a cliff, with a million dollar view of the Indian Ocean from the oceanfront suites and most of the villas. Even the wedding chapel, restaurant and bar all have spectacular ocean views. Of course many resorts have ocean views, but Samabe has an unblemished ocean line that blends with the skyline  with no ferries, container ships or speed boats to ruin the picturesque views. Samabe is also blessed with a lagoon-like waterfront.

You can see and feel nature’s power in the crashing waves and yet enjoy the safety and sanctuary of a tranquil lagoon, perfect for snorkelling and kayaking.”

It’s incredibly important to think about your guests, first and foremost. Your sole purpose is to appeal to them. Now think about what the biggest selling point is to them. Avoid any hype, exaggeration or over promising and, if possible, find something that is unique to you. For example, you might be the closest to the beach, have the best rooftop bar in the city, or offer the most authentic cultural experience blended with western comforts.

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