Before the Little Black Shack became Australia’s go-to holiday rental destination, it was just an old and dilapidated refuge built by fishermen for their families. After first noticing it more than 30 years ago, once acquiring it, it took visionaries Jamie and his wife Ingrid Kwong, over 2 years to recreate and revive the space into the popular and cosy spot it is today.

From $US360 per night


It’s an ambition of ours to reduce our impact on the environment and live a more sustainable life. The Little Black Shack is our attempt to do just that. We loved the way the shack was built only for what the fishermen needed so we didn’t see any need to change that.
— JAMIE KWONG, Owner, The Little Black Shack


Passion outlives the trend of the day and for Jamie and Ingrid, The Little Black Shack was created around a core belief and sense of responsibility for the environment. Their commitment to environmental sustainability and consciousness was more than a concept, guiding decisions around building techniques, materials, furniture, flavour and style. 

“We love making the most of what we find around us – recycling, repurposing, making our own furniture and making a difference to the environment! The Little Black Shack is hand built for both our family and the environment. We’re just lucky others seem to like it too.” 


Anything we do needs to align with our purpose. And that is to positively influence the environment, one couple, one weekend at a time.
— JAMIE KWONG, Owner, The Little Black Shack


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