Why DO you need 'NO VACANCY' for your accommodation business?


As an accommodation business owner, manager or marketer, you are faced with ever increasing demands and pressures to stand out and keep up with our fast paced world. Tourism boards are focused on future planning that is often 5 years and over away with increased access to government funding, meaning competition is happening on a global scale.

Technology, apps and digital tools are evolving at such a rapid pace, it’s difficult to keep up and even know what to use and what not to stay away from. Online Travel Agencies and disrupters such as AirBnB have given your guests much more power to make and change their mind on a whim. Your guests expectations are also much higher than ever with greater access to reviews and information, so it’s now more than ever difficult to build brand loyalty.

No Vacancy Guide is an essential tool for all hotels and accommodation providers - well done!

Writing this guide, the author Nick Bonney, worked closely with small to medium accommodation business from all over the world. From Melbourne to Mykonos, and Sydney to Sri Lanka and I listened intently to their shared pain points in order to better understand the hurdles you face, and the business objectives you set out to achieve.

Nick then got together with some of the greatest minds on the planet to help formulate the most relevant and practical advice for your accommodation business. These experts are not only the big players of the travel and leisure industry, but a mix of global advertising and digital agencies, design and branding consultants, interior designers, photographers, digital marketers, digital strategists and many more.

From leaders of companies as large as Google and YouTube, to award winning creative and marketign experts and subject matter consultants; they will provide you with a unique perspective and equip you with the tools to be able to do things differently and be significantly more effectively.