Extending your brand into sound

We often think of branding in a visual sense – your logo, interior spaces and so on – but what about the other senses such as sound and smell? You are in the business of running a complete experience so it makes sense to explore them all.

Agency: TBWA Singapore Production Company: Applebox Asia Director: John Park Music and Sound: Song Zu Composer: Adrian Sergovich Sound Design: Damian Waddell

We recently caught up with music creative director and composer at audio design company Song Zu, Ramesh Sathiah in their Sydney studios. Remesh explains the power of emotion that sound evokes: “The sound experience of a venue is without doubt one of the most powerful tools for controlling what someone will feel about the space. Music and sound can connect directly and unconsciously to people’s emotional states. One obvious ‘control’ music has over people is the ability to make something feel ‘relaxing’ or ‘exciting’, but it also goes way beyond that. There are a million shades of emotion that music can portray and these can be mixed like the colours on a painter’s palette.”

And of course you can achieve this yourself if you are musically inclined. If you’re not, there are experts there to help if you need them.

Agency: BBDO Singapore Director: Roslee Yusof Composer: Lindsay Jehan Sound Design: Damian Waddell

Ramesh adds: “A consultant could be useful in understanding and suggesting where to go with this, but if not, you need to start with broad strokes. What age group are you appealing to? Is it young hipsters, the more mature, or a cross section? Do you want to make the space feel premium, or relaxing and friendly? From there I would consider what genres of music are the right fit. Once you find the genre, there are many great playlists on Spotify or Apple Music and these get updated on a regular basis. Personally I am very impressed with the curation on Apple Music.”

When you're ready to consider sound for your brand get in contact with the guys at SongZu.