Understanding influencers with Taryn Williams

Over recent years, influencers have been taking the social world by storm. By allowing influencers to share their stories and insights, you’re tapping into a whole new audience. But is it as easy as finding someone on Instagram with thousands of followers and asking them to spend a night in your hotel before telling the world about how amazing it was?

We asked founder, Taryn Williams of theright.fit who connect businesses with top quality, hand-picked models, influencers, photographers, stylists and creative talent around the world. She made the following recommendations before diving in.


1. Know what you are trying to achieve.

Influencers can be engaged in so many capacities – to create content, amplify content, ser ve as brand ambassadors, feature in your campaign, and so much more. So to know WHO to engage and HOW to engage them, you need to know what you are trying to achieve.

Is it a branding exercise to get more people to know about your company? Is it a specific call-to-action to drive sales of a particular product? Is it to create visual content? Get really clear about what you are trying to achieve first.

2. Know the audience for your brand.

Engaging the right influencer really comes down to knowing your audience and knowing who will resonate with them, who is relevant, and who can speak with authenticity and authority in your space.

If you are a cool little hip hotel targeting young millennials, the type of influencer will be very different than if you are a large luxury hotel looking to reach high income business travellers.

Get really clear about who your audience is, what channels play to your brand and strategy strengths, and how to communicate with them.


3. Write a clear and comprehensive brief.

The most successful influencer campaigns come about when the brand and influencer are both clear on the strategy of the campaign, and what success looks like, and work closely together on executing it.

To do this, you need to create a clear, comprehensive brief outlining the strategy, your audience, the brand values and ethos, any relevant copy and call-to-action, mood boards, etc.

The more information you can empower your influencer with, the better they can understand your requirements, and the more likely you are to achieve success together. Make sure you are aligned on what success looks like – is it number of likes, sales, website traffic, positive brand sentiment? And make sure your campaign is adding value to the influencer’s audience.

When you feel you're ready to look at an influencer that suits your hotel business , check out theright.fit for further information and an easy to use selecting and booking process.