Q. How can you claim to have the best rates?

For a long time hotels have always offered the best rate when you book directly with them. We simply provide the platform for guests to find the hottest hotels around the world in one place.

Q. What if I find a better deal on another booking site?

Contact your hotel and let them know. They’ll be happy match the price based on their terms and conditions (and in most cases beat the price and/or throw in some extras).

Q. How do you make money?

Good question. We all need to make some money to survive right? We simply charge our hotels an an affordable monthly amount which goes back into improving and growing our platform. This means you’ll find even more of the hottest hotels, motels, resorts and other places at the best prices.

Q. Won’t other booking sites be angry?

Perhaps. However, we aren’t telling everyone to stop using them. Instead, our focus is to help hoteliers around the world grow their direct business and in turn provide their guests with the best possible value when making their booking.

That’s a win-win right?